Wish reviews and analysis

Wish reviews

Think about buying on Wish?

We decided to analyze this site in detail, which is characterized by the creation of buyers who have received imports at very low prices: A unique event of all kinds that are made for the implementation of impulse purchases around the world … and he achieves it with great success.

I want to buy on Wish, what exactly is it?

Wish is an American e-commerce company founded by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, former pioneers of Google and Yahoo (together), which, thanks to its valuable offer, occupies a prominent place in the online retail sector. It is an intermediary platform that connects stores and retailers and, above all, is characterized by the sale of cheap products.

It works like a great AliExpress where you can see everything. Fashion, tools, technology, equipment for muscles, dog clothes or a cigarette paper, to give just a few examples. The idea came after Szulczewski and Zhang created an app that operated in 2013 as a wish list. Over time, they have discovered that users are always looking for the cheapest items in the app. From there, they decided to become the ones to negotiate directly with traders (especially celery sellers).

So far, after a few years, Wish is growing according to desire. They have around 90 million active users and 1 million retailers who produce more than 300 million products to buy from buyers. With a sales philosophy set out in a ceasefire strategy, Wish wants to become one-of-a-kind ecommerce in the world.

Buy on Wish: clean design and unbalanced medium.

When you shop at Wish, the first thing you see is a clean design, which is implemented in a simple interface and where the white color predominates.

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Successfully, it breaks down buttons or links that may not make the buyer pay, but rather helps the user to focus all their attention on the things to be sold. It is designed so that any user can navigate without problems, because it is very easy to find almost every element it compiles – we say almost because the section ‘contacts, terms, policies and more’ appears in a drop-down table is displayed. open at the bottom of the site-.

Publish Wish website in Spanish

The home page of the menu consists of several tabs in a row, the top right section (for search engine, notifications, profile and buyer) and just below a selection of the most popular or best-selling products at the time. .

This has a potential selection of articles that are ordered without criteria where money is actually offered. Specifically, what you see in the first look at the competition of things is this: a picture of all kinds, the right price, the last price, and how many people bought the thing in question. Most of them also offer a reduced% price so it is one of the first things that users see when searching on the site (they are usually less than 50%, sometimes reaching 95% crazy).

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