Viva el gin, the encyclopedia of Argentine gin in digital format

Gin is experiencing a boom worldwide, there are more and more entrepreneurs who make it by hand. The Rosario Matías Jurisich created Viva el Gin, a blog that provides information on all the gins and tonics made in Argentina. is a new digital platform on everything related to gastronomic lifestyle. Although it is a new space, its contents are top of the line. That is why we are going to be telling you some of the news about the best of eating and drinking from his hand. In this case, the theme that brings us together is gin.

Long live the Gin

When in 2013, the renowned bartender and businessman Tato Giovannoni launched Príncipe de los Apóstoles, he won the title in advance, is that the gin boom was beginning to emerge abroad, but here the echoes of that explosion were still not heard.

Seven years later, the panorama changed radically, more and more entrepreneurs are dedicated to making this drink in a traditional way. Therefore, a platform like “Long live the ginToday it makes more sense than ever.

This website -created by Matías Jurisich, maker of the vermouth Pichincha- aims to «give visibility to the Gypsy movement that is beginning to take shape.

Long live the Gin


The page works as a blog of all gin ArgentinesBuenos Aires Gin, Heredero, Casa Rosa, etc.) they are arranged alphabetically and upon entering, the reader accesses detailed information about the product.

It also has a similar section for tonic, a category that began to grow recently, since until recently only industrial ones were available.

The nerds of the beverage world will find the panacea in «What is gin?«, Which explains what this distillate consists of and what the different classifications are.

Although the platform has just been born, it already has projects underway, since they will carry out tastings, tastings and soon, the first Argentina Gin Cup.

Judging is not part of the proposal, «we prefer to avoid the stigmatizing phrases» this gin is bad, this gin is good «because they only respond to the subjectivity of the person who pronounces it. You may like an Argentine gin or not, it may have more money in packaging or marketing than another, it may have a prettier or uglier label, but it will never be bad or good ”, they announce on the web.

Long live the gin! It’s been said.

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