The new community of women entrepreneurs

Aphrodites, the new community of entrepreneurs, launched this week. It is the first platform designed to carry out all kinds of projects, connecting brands with women who want personal development.

Much is said about everything related to female empowerment. If you doubt the world is experiencing a necessary revolution in this regard, in the search for equal opportunities for all sexes.

In this case, and thanks to the initiative of the media Connie Ansaldi, a platform was born that supports the economic independence of women. In addition, the initiative offers the companies that participate in the project the possibility of acquiring human capital to develop their sales channels. A project where everyone wins.

Presentation of «Afroditas», the new community for women entrepreneurs

Afroditas was founded by Connie Ansaldi, Andres Lawson and Jorge Lopez. The project seeks to consolidate itself as a leading community in the direct sales channel, generating economic and social support for the women who participate.

Aphrodites Left: Jorge Lopez, Connie Ansaldi and Right: Andres Lawson

To present it, it was held at the Hard Rock Café in Buenos Aires, an event where women, journalists and influencers met to learn about the novelty that helps the personal development of women from all over the country, as long as they are determined to train to develop in the area of ​​sales.

In the event, in addition to the creator and host and her associates, the large companies that are initially supporting the project and are already providing opportunities to women who so desire participated.

We talk about Mercado Pago, Gigot Cosmética, Grupo Nathan (who manufactures the bedding brands Pallete, Alcoyana and Jean Cartier) and Osana (Accessible ambulatory private medicine system).

So that you can briefly live what happened in the presentation, we leave you this small clip of our production.

Highlights of Aphrodites

The platform allows companies of all types and sizes to independently expand their communication reach and their traditional distribution channels. It is the possibility of accessing a large diversified sales force throughout the national territory, thus generating incremental income.

The Aphrodites (as the women who are part of the community are called) have access from the platform to a wide variety of brands and companies. They are specially selected based on the interests of each one of them.

By making contact with them, they have the possibility of training and becoming sales executives of the products or services that the applicant wishes to represent.

The incentives of being an Aphrodite

The idea is, from the commercialization of these products and services, to generate additional income in a flexible way adapted to the availability of personal time.

At the same time, it offers the possibility of participating in celebrations, meetings, trainings and a rewards program that allows adding «pearls» to exchange products within a prize catalog. These awards are in addition to the incentives that the same companies offer depending on the case, for objectives achieved.

The idea also acquires relevance since, thanks to facilitating contact with companies, it offers a variety of opportunities to women who, due to the general situation, do not currently have an income or are unable, for example, to save a extra to fulfill a dream.

About the project

The project was born from the initiative of Connie Ansaldi. We are talking about a woman who has been able to reinvent herself to carry out her life goals. Connie started this new challenge, to encourage and encourage more women to fulfill their dreams.

She comments on her platform:

“Afroditas was born with the purpose of organizing independent women and equipping them with tools and commercial proposals so that they can develop their potential in pursuit of achieving their dreams (whether financial or personal) in a society with more and better opportunities where collective work of all multiply individual efforts.«

How to seize the opportunity

The opportunity can be evaluated in the Aphrodites website. There you can find out how to enter the community and what benefits it can offer you. Hopefully the project grows and continues to support personal development, in this case and for now, of women.

Will the Aphrodites ever come? Come on Connie …

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