The Gourmet experience with McDonald’s flavor

For the second consecutive year, the McGourmet Dinner was held, one of the most exclusive events in Punta del Este by McDonald’s.

If there is one thing that fast food chain restaurants do not usually have, it is a reputation for glamorous. Beyond its followers and detractors, the controversial food makes more than one happy, but for the glamor, something else is needed. McDonald’s seems to know that this is so. For this reason and for the second time, he proposed a meeting where with his everyday ingredients plus a good dose of culinary magic from his Executive Chef, he produced a Top gourmet event, thus demonstrating its quality and flavor, but with due glamor.

McGourmet in Punta del Este – The Top gastronomic experience with the flavors of McDonald’s

The McGourmet concept refers to a gourmet dinner made entirely with the ingredients used in the premises. The idea is to show the special taste of the food and the quality of McDonald’s ingredients.

The meeting, which was attended by 150 guests, was held at the Poseidón Laguna complex in Punta del Este. The menu was in charge of the renowned McDonald’s Executive Chef, Ariel Gravano.

McGourmet Punta del Este Table

McGourmet and his star guests

Numerous celebrities came to enjoy McDonald’s dinner. Also the live show of Renata Repetto and the music of the Argentine DJ Catarina Spinetta.

To give you an idea, among the guests were Guillermo Andino and Carolina Prats, Juan “Pico” Monaco, Germán Paoloski and Sabrina Garciarena, Florencia Raggi, Vitto Saravia and Matias Mayer among others.

During the night, the guests tasted a very varied menu with dishes and snacks such as lettuce fritters with Big Mac sauce, Meatballs with pineapple barbecue, mushroom mini quiche, leek and Swiss cheese, grilled gnocchi with tomato fondue, cherries and olives, and more.

Ariel Gravano, Executive Chef of Arcos Dorados for Latin America commented on the evening

«In this second edition of the McGourmet dinner we seek to offer a varied proposal with fresh flavors typical of summer. First we offered a cocktail with hot and cold options, then we continued with a 4-step menu. The entire menu was prepared with the same supplies that we use in McDonald’s stores ”. «The more than 150 guests were able to appreciate the quality and flavor of the supplies through a different and innovative proposal»

The important thing here is that everyone ate deliciously and had a great time. And also that McDonald’s, beyond what one might think, showed that fast food can also have glamor. Or did you have any doubts?

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