The Dentix Method


The Dentix Method

At Dentix we have created an innovative method, it is the Dentix Method, in order to meet the dental needs of our patients. Dentix offers a unique method that allows us to offer the most advanced dentistry at the best price and the ability to maintain quality standards at the highest level.

We are not franchises

All Dentix clinics are owned (not franchises), without intermediaries.

While others create franchises, we develop our own clinics.

While others work with traditional structures, we form integral teams in each clinic to offer a comprehensive service.

While others think only of the client, we think of the patient.

This is Dentix. We work in an efficient, avant-garde way and we put all the means and the attention of our professionals at your fingertips. We adapt to your needs.

Today we offer more than 180 own clinics; and we are more and more because our model is yours. It is the one that adapts to your needs in every way.

Easily find your closest Dentix clinic with our dental clinic locator.

Expert team

All our clinics have an expert team that will always be by your side.

Our team of professionals is our best letter of introduction.

We are more than 3,000 health professionals willing to make your visit to our clinics as you deserve. From your first free diagnosis to the latest post-treatment check-ups, you will feel that an experienced team is waiting to offer you excellent care and professional help.

A cavity, a dental implant, a whitening or a fixed prosthesis: whatever your need, let yourself be cared for and advised by our experts.

Trained and experienced staff. Second opinion methodology. Training and constant updating. At Dentix we are a great team.

Prices for all

At Dentix we have prices at your fingertips in any of our treatments.

The purpose of all Dentix clinics is the same: to attend to the dental needs of patients in a comprehensive way and at the best price. To offer quality at a good price, Dentix buys materials internationally, which allows it to achieve economies of scale when negotiating prices with its suppliers, achieving a lower cost than independent professionals

Start enjoying the best prices on dental treatments

Cutting edge technology

The use of cutting-edge technology such as 3D TAC or CAD CAM, allows us to guarantee you a quality treatment.

3D CT. Maximum safety for the implant process.

The 3D CT scan is at this time the most innovative, efficient and appreciated system by professionals to make the best diagnosis.

Thanks to 3D CT, we achieve, with the minimum emission of radiation and at a very effective cost, a complete vision of the maxilla and with a level of detail that no other technological solution offers.

And all of our Dentix clinics have it.

Comprehensive CAD-CAM laboratory. Prosthesis made with the exact measure.

By producing prostheses with this technology, the measurements are exact, the chosen products are better adapted, the aesthetic result is superior and your satisfaction will be even greater.

With CAD-CAM all are advantages:

Recovery time is shorter; everything fits more naturally and easily.
Each rehabilitation is personalized and made to measure.
It offers the widest range of products by selecting the one that best solves your diagnosis: four-color Zirconia, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), Cobalt-Chrome and Titanium.
The fit is better and therefore its duration and reliability.
Intraoral camera. All the details of your mouth before diagnosing.

In all diagnoses, we use advanced intraoral cameras that allow your professional dentist to observe the oral cavity in expanded detail and at maximum resolution on a PC, record them for later analysis and give perfect support to the diagnosis and evolution.

4 megapixel resolution, cold led lights for better illumination, more contrast and reduced size for maximum patient comfort, the intraoral camera helps us to perform the best treatment.



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