Instapump Fury Boost, the fruit of the historic merger between Reebok and Adidas

Reebok and Adidas launched Instapump Fury Boost, a model that came to redefine the sports shoe industry, in homage to two innovations that have marked both companies.

Sports footwear, oddly enough, is one of the allies of new technologies. We are talking about technologies that produce that these fulfill the purpose for which they were designed more and more effectively. In fact, many big brand shoes that we see in the market, we could call them exotic, thinking who would think of designing a shoe with a certain look.

Everything has a cause in the world of high-performance sports shoes. In this case, two major brands come together to reinvent, together with two of their pioneering innovations at the time, footwear that will continue to set the trend for the rest. We are talking about a highly disruptive design, but in which every detail has an advantage.

Instapump Fury Boost ™, the newest in the alliance between Reebok and adidas

In an impressive tribute to two innovations that have marked both companies, Reebok and adidas decided to combine the bold and futuristic style of the Instapump with the high-performance cushioning and reactivity that characterize technology Boost ™exclusive to adidas to create the Instapump Fury Boost ™ – a model that came to redefine the athletic shoe industry.

Loaded with the revolutionary adidas Boost ™ technology and with numerous additional updates and modifications, the Instapump Fury Boost ™ is a completely new model, created for a new generation.

Its design is thought for those who celebrate freedom and seek to create the unexpected. The Instapump Fury Boost ™ is the perfect tribute to adidas’ revolutionary Boost ™ technology.

Instapump Fury Boost ™ – Launch in Argentina

Reebok presented the iconic silhouette at the Dionysos store in Palermo, where guests attended, including Franco Masini, Reebok Ambassador and sneakers lovers, who were able to enjoy an exclusive talk by Ale Pluz !, creator of Sneakerhead Argentina.

There, sneaker fans, friends of the brand and journalism were invited to learn the details and recall the history of the technologies that set the trend at the time. The same ones that, thanks to the new updates in materials and design, resulted in this spectacular footwear.

«The Instapump Fury Boost ™ is just what we would have tried to do in 1994 if we had the technology to do it.» says Steven Smith, designer of the Instapump Fury. “We were constantly experimenting, always looking to find the best damping system possible. It is truly amazing to be able to design a hybrid that combines the best technologies from both brands.«.

Taking a journey through the entire history of technologies and models of both brands, Ale Pluz! invited the audience present to a tour of the most curious facts about the collaboration, the evolution of the silhouette through the years and some of the most emotional memories for fans of the sneaker.

So that you can feel that you were present at this launch, we leave you a short video of our production about the meeting.

Product highlights

  • Textile upper with synthetic leather layers.
  • Iconic pump technology offers a custom, fixed fit of the shoe.
  • Boost is our most responsive cushioning ever, delivering incredible energy return – the more energy you give, the more you get.
  • Rubber outsole for durability and traction.
  • Colors: White – Black.

Footwear that make history

Since its birth in 1994, the Instapump Fury revolutionized the traditional way that athletic shoes work. The technology «The PUMP» was the protagonist in this model, which left aside the less necessary elements of footwear.

Instapump Fury it was a masterclass in modern minimalist design. It quickly became popular until it became the favorite of influential figures and icons of the time.

Do you want it? You got it…

Instapump Fury Boost are exclusively found in Tienda Dionysos, which is located in Honduras 4865 (Palermo). So if you want the latest in shoe design and technology, you know where to find it.

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