Costomovil: The Good and the Bad of Buying in this Store

costomovil reviews.

Costomovil, owned by TECMOVILCO S.L is an online store for the sale of all kinds of electronic products. It is especially known for selling mobile phones at a good price, lower than other pages in the sector. This has meant that in a very short time they have gained a niche in the market, however, problems begin to arrive like any company when demand increases so rapidly. If you want to know the good and the bad of buying at Costomovil you have come to the right place, we uncover all the ins and outs that this online store in Spain hides.

✔️ The good thing about buying at Costomovil
One of the main benefits of buying online at Costomovil Spain is the price, logically this store would not be so competitive if it did not have, for example, the iPhone XS for € 894. Another favorable point that provides a security factor is cash on delivery, that is, you pay when the order arrives at your home. They also have the advantage of having a loyalty program or points that with each purchase you save a few cents of a euro on your next order.

The MRW shipping company is in charge of taking the order to your home. It is one of the best known in Spanish territory and for € 3.99 you have the assurance that they will treat the product well (at least whenever they have touched me, they have done it quite well). After trying almost all of them, including a bad experience with Tourline Express, without a doubt this is a luxury.

❌ The downside of buying at Costomovil
The main disadvantage of buying mobiles at Costomovil is in the constant delays. Apparently the communication between the store and the buyer is not entirely good. Since there are cases where delivery has been postponed up to 3 times. Some users make mention of the stock or that they do not have the product in their warehouses and honestly the shots could go around. In short, they do not meet delivery deadlines on many occasions, which personally does not give security and is an aspect in which they should improve.

Another negative point that I have found is that they no longer accept Paypal, I have tried to buy a Funko Pop! and the option does not appear anywhere. The cash on delivery option is valid, however, it has an extra cost of € 8, which is not profitable for me considering that the figure costs around € 14. However, to buy more expensive mobiles such as iPhone, Xiaomi or Samsung, I would consider the option of paying on delivery.

🔒 Is Costomovil reliable?
We do not think that Costomovil is a scam, since they are advertised in Google among other aspects and the searched increasingly controls the security of the results. However, as the customer support leaves much to be desired, users feel ripped off. Even more so when they spend more than € 500 on a mobile, saving € 100 and the days go by and they have no signs of life from either the company or the mobile. In conclusion, orders arrive, but not on time, and that is what frustrates users.

If you’ve had a problem with the store, don’t look for the physical store, they don’t have it. The only reference we find is: C / Los Herreros nº 12, Polígono industrial San Isidro, and they make it very clear that they do not physically serve anyone.

👍 Opinions about Costomovil in 2020
Costomovil has pending claims in the OCU, in addition to experiences and negative comments in forums such as Chollometro or ForoCoches. There are also positive opinions that describe their good experience with the platform. What I don’t like is that on Trustpilot they censor or omit negative reviews that repeat the above (delayed orders or non-issued returns).

In case of problems you can leave a comment just below with your email (in case we need to verify your experience). We will try to solve it as soon as possible and if we receive contact from Costomovil we will let you know. On the other hand, the company has a contact telephone number: 824 903 750 (paying, we do not recommend calling). The first method of support should be done through the website and its new ticket system.

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