Chevrolet Argentina says goodbye to a great summer in Cariló

Chevrolet was one of the brands with the greatest presence of the summer in Cariló 2020. Thousands of people visited its spaces and enjoyed driving the vehicle of their dreams.

Like everything in life, summer 2020 is coming to an end and Chevrolet Argentina showed that, although summer on the coast is lived on the beach, it was an undisputed protagonist in Cariló thanks to its proposals. #EstoesChevrolet remained true to its spirit of providing good experiences.

#EstoEsChevrolet summer in Cariló came to an end, but the year has just begun

Chevrolet was indisputably one of the great protagonists of the summer in Cariló. With its presence at Paséo Chevrolet, in the heart of the spa city and with its presence in the Cozumel spa, the great automotive brand received thousands of people who were able to enjoy a variety of activities and the news that it made available to the people.

The recently launched Onix turbo was one of the most tested and admired by the public for its great equipment and connectivity. In addition, no one who visited the Paseo stopped getting on #LaLeyenda de Chevrolet. We are talking about the imposing Camaro, in its convertible version, exhibited there.

Another novelty that captivated the locals was the presence of the great Silverado. Presented as an Avant Premiere, it garnered the highest praise from fans of the great Pick Ups.

The #FamiliasSUV were also present, who enjoyed the exponents of the segment. From the Tracker Midnight, through the Equinox and closing with the great Trailblazer, the public was able to know in depth the Chevrolet SUV proposal and give themselves the pleasure of driving them.

The Test Drives and Travesías, captivated the public

A special attraction for all was the WIFI space of Paseo Chevrolet, where adults and children could have fun with games and “connected” activities. But without a doubt, what most captivated people was the possibility of being able to handle the models on display. In addition, do it on the land for which each of the vehicles was conceived.

In the city, 4 × 2 vehicles could be tested, but with the 4 × 4, things were different. For this, off road trips were organized in the sand dunes.

summer 2020

Apart from checking the performance of the Pick Up S10 and the Trailblazer SUV on any terrain, enjoying going up and down mountains of sand in complete safety was one of the adventures most enjoyed by families.

The year has just begun

We are all coming back from vacation and outlining what our 2020 will be like. We at work, the boys with their studies, etc. . Chevrolet also has some surprises during this year such as new engines, restyling of some of its models and new releases among others.

To relive what summer was like, I recommend that you follow the hashtag #EstoEsChervolet. In addition, to continue enjoying the news of Chevrolet argentina You can follow the brand on its social networks and thus be attentive to the news that will be produced throughout the year.

#EstoEsChevrolet in summer and in any season. Have an excellent year ahead.

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